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Rooa is an interactive virtual reality and artificial intelligence protocol integrated in the decentralized Web3 Metaverse environment. The Rooa platform allows you to earn, manage, and preserve all your social interactional data indefinitely and assist with the development of human advancement with the use IoT devices.

The Internet ecosystem is experiencing a major transformation in development and, virtualized NFT’s. New advances are being developed that will catalyze to coming of a new age of technology growth and innovation.

Creatives and researchers are looking towards more digital assets management on a vast cross platform basis. Our goal at Rooa is to ensure the dynamic and interactive representation of the Web3 Metaverse is adhered to. Rooa will insure the extended digital storage of interactional information by incorporating Artificial intelligence with immersive and regal virtualized environments.

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400 Granby St.

Norfolk, VA 23510, USA


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